Innovative Fire Suppression for Electric Stoves Cooktops

US Patent #6105677 and US Patent #6276461

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Heart Of Your Home

Home is more than a shelter from the fast paced world we live in and no other room is as important as the kitchen… the Heart of Your Home.

Whether it’s an apartment or a house, the kitchen is where memories are made. From family dinners and homework time to baking cookies for the school auction the kitchen is where it all happens.

At Stove Ranger we produce fire suppression products engineered to help you preserve what is most important… your Home, your Family and Your Cherished Memories.

Why Stove Ranger?

We believe in producing quality products for your home and family!

With over 15 years of research and development packed into the design and engineering of this product, the Stove Ranger provides innovative fire suppression for electric stoves and cooktops. 

Each Stove Ranger Arrives With Two Extinguisher Units

Suggested 5 Year Service Lifetime

One Year Limited Warranty

Easy and Quick Installation Within Most Standard Range Hoods!

Affordable Residential Fire Suppression

Peace of Mind For Your Home And Family

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How The Stove Ranger Works

In the event of a fire, a heat sensitive activation mechanism automatically triggers the extinguishers to release the eco-friendly non-toxic siliconized sodium bicarbonate cloud to extinguish the blaze, minimizing the chance of re-ignition until proper action can be taken to remedy the situation.

The Stove Ranger Team is proud to offer to the general public for use within multiple settings including:

Residential Housing

Condominium Complexes

Residential Apartment Complexes

Supplemental Housing Programs

College Housing and Apartments

Assisted Living Facilities

Cooking equipment was involved in


Two of every five reported home fire injuries


Almost half of all reported home fires


Range/Stove Top Fires


home cooking fire incidents and even larger shares of civilian deaths

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