The Stove Ranger

Innovative Fire Suppression for Electric Stoves & Cooktops

“We believe in producing quality products for your home and Family.”

Our Mission

Stove Ranger, LLC is committed to preventing loss of life, injury and property damage caused by residential cooking fires. Stove Ranger, LLC is dedicated to establishing its dominance as an industry leader through proactive product placement, constant product improvement, and consistent service oriented superiority.

Stove Ranger, LLC is a Limited Liability Company duly organized in the State of Ohio and in good standing under Entity Number 3895789.  Its worldwide office of record is based at 115 Ave. E. in the City of Greenville, Ohio, USA  45331-2313.  The Limited Liability Company was organized in 2016. 

The Company is managed by  Mr. James W. Davis , Mr. Gerald Riegle, and Mr. Jon Mardin.

The Key management team is introduced below:

Mr. James W. Davis


Mr. Jon D. Mardin

Sales & Marketing Director

Mr. James W. Davis has over forty years of comprehensive experience in the construction industry. As the President/Owner of J.W. Davis Construction, Mr. Davis possesses quantitative expertise in both residential and commercial construction, as well as, sub-division development, scattered site applications, commercial property acquisition and management.  He has developed and implemented effective strategic plans and financial policies… Learn More>>>>

Mr. Gerald Riegle is an ambitious and accomplished senior business development professional with a proven ability to drive business, forge key customer and vendor relationships, create and maintain required and under performing product programs and operations through total project leadership. He applies aggressive initiatives that enhance revenue and maximize cost savings through improvements in supply chain, employee performance, Learn More>>>>

Mr. Jon Mardin is currently employed with the Chevrolet Division of General Motors. He is responsible for initiating new sales campaigns, product training, Customer Satisfaction Index, and inventory control based on demographics. Additionally, establishing developmental programs and implementation of new practices, procedures, and protocols. Maintaining a cohesive program for training management and staff. Learn More>>>>

Mark J. Shutey


Joseph S. Tann


Robert S. Van Eyck

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Mark J. Shutey is a dynamic leader with in excess 25 years proven management and entrepreneurial experience.  He possesses an extremely diverse range of abilities which include strategic planning, business finance, corporation start up, new technology development… Learn More>>>>

Mr. Joseph S. Tann, Jr., an entrepreneur and business lawyer, was born in Valdosta, Georgia. He spent the majority of his childhood in Dayton, Ohio. He majored in accounting and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Wright State University with scholastic distinction in 1971. Learn More>>>>

Mr. Robert van Eyck, has over 35 years experience in the financial services industry including Private Banking & Wealth Management; venture capital; correspondent banking; estate planning & personal advisory; investment banking and business consulting.Learn More>>>>

John Milanovich The Stove Ranger

John Milanovich

Advisory Board Member

John R. DiBella the stove ranger

John R. DiBella

Advisory Board Member

Mr. John Milanovich is the founder and President of RightPSITM, a manufacturing company which creates tire pressure management products for aftermarket distribution.  He has direct experience with off shore (China) manufacturing processes, as well as, has successfully  funded projects via the crowd funding mechanism.  Learn more>>>>

Mr. John R. DiBella is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Metropolitan Financial Resources (MFR). Since its inception in 1991, Metropolitan Financial Resources (MFR) has given advice and guidance to a diverse group of private and publicly owned companies including a university, multi-family management companies, a residential mortgage originator entity…Learn More>>>>