The Stove Ranger™

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Stove Ranger™?

A: The Stove Ranger™ is a one of a kind residential fire suppression system specially designed to extinguish grease or oil fires on an electric range or stove top. The Stove Ranger™ is designed to include two (2) extinguisher units equipped with telescopic compression rods for ease of installation in virtually all residential range hoods. The extinguishers are set above the range burners and hidden discretely within the confines of the hood.

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Q: Why is the Stove Ranger™ for electric ranges only?

A: The Stove Ranger™ is designed to suffocate the flame on the range top. It will extinguish the flame on the gas burner filling your kitchen with gas!

Q: Why would I need one in my home?

A: Cooking has long been the leading cause of home structure fires, home fire injuries, as well as, the leading cause of home fire deaths in the U.S. Nationally, fire departments respond to an estimated average of 162,400 home structure fires involving cooking equipment each year. These fires cause an annual average of 430 civilian deaths, 5,400 civilian injuries, and $1.1 billion in direct property damage.

Q: How does it work?

A: In the event of a fire, a heat sensitive activation mechanism automatically triggers the extinguishers to release a dry chemical retardant to extinguish the blaze and minimize the chance of re-ignition until proper action can be taken to remedy the situation. The Stove Ranger’s™ design incorporates centrifugal force to evenly lay a fire retardant line across the ranges burners effectively eliminating splatter which could inadvertently spread the blaze. No power source is required.

Q: Which Demographic is at the greatest risk for range grease fires?

A: With today’s hectic lifestyle, distractions are widespread. Kitchen grease fires pose a danger to all households; however, older adults (ages 65+) are burdened with the gravest fire risk and are consistently more threatened with injury or death by fire than any other age group. Poor hearing and vision, as well as, health problems affecting mobility contribute to putting mature adults in the highest risk group for cooking fires.

Q: What actions should be taken if a fire ignites on my stovetop?

A: Evacuate the residence immediately and call 911 to engage local fire departments. Always follow standard safety procedures even if a fire suppression system is installed in your home.

Q: Are there other range top fire suppression systems on the market today?

A: The looming threat of cooking fires is not new to our society and hence efforts to thwart these tragedies are also not a new concept. Fire suppression systems for commercial kitchens are an established commodity throughout our nation. Most recently, similar systems have been designed and implemented for high end real estate development, but the price point for these types of systems is beyond the financial capabilities for most U.S. households. The Stove Ranger™ was invented to provide the same protection allotted to commercial establishments and high end habitats at an affordable rate to all households regardless of income.

Q: What is included with the Stove Ranger™ purchase?

A: Each Stove Ranger™ package includes comprehensive installation instructions; two (2) extinguishers; color coded measuring tape; varying sized color coded springs for variable range hood depths; four (4) compression rods; two (2) self-adhesive mounting plates; and a product registration card with a one year warranty.

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Q: What tools are required for installation of The Stove Ranger?

A: No tools necessary.

Q: Is installation of The Stove Ranger™ difficult?

A: The Stove Ranger™ provides for easy self-installation and comes with comprehensive installation instructions. A video tutorial is available for review at Follow the simple step by step procedure:

Stove Ranger Installation

Step 1 – Clean all mounting surfaces (range hood).
Step 2 – Measure hood depth with enclosed color coded measuring tape.
Step 3 – Install appropriate color coded springs and compression rods into telescopic tubes.
Step 4 – Install self-adhesive mounting plate on back of range hood.
Step 5 – Install unit by placing ends of compression rods into mounting plate.
Step 6 – Adjust unit positions to 3 inches behind front burner. Secure in position with O-rings.

Repeat with second unit over remaining burners.

Q: What effect does the Stove Ranger™ have on the cosmetics of my kitchen?

A: The Stove Ranger™ is completely concealed within the confines of your range hood. It provides protection and peace of mind while completely out of site.

Q: What maintenance is required?

A: The Stove Ranger™ can be removed easily for periodic cleaning. Wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth. Never submerge the units in water.

Q: How often do I need to replace the units?

A: Stove Ranger™ units should be replaced every five (5) years or immediately upon deployment.

Q: Can I refill the unit myself after deployment?

A: No. The fire retardant must remain dry and sealed within the extinguisher unit. Once the seal is broken, a replacement unit is required.

Q: Is the fire retardant toxic?

A: No. The dry chemical retardant used by Stove Ranger™ is a non-toxic agent. No adverse effects to exposure via inhalation or digestion can be expected.

Q: In the event of deployment, what is required for kitchen clean-up?

A: Excess fire retardant can easily be cleaned from surfaces using a vacuum, broom or brush. Residual material can be cleaned with a moist cloth, soap and water. The retardant is ecologically friendly and can be disposed of in the trash.

Q: How much does the Stove Ranger™ cost?

A: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is set at $99.95 (USD)

Q: Where can I purchase The Stove Ranger™?

A: The Stove Ranger™ is available for purchase directly from the company on its website: . Official product introduction is planned via a KickStarter Campaign scheduled for the Fall of 2016.