Grease/Oil Fire Extinguisher





Improper installation, alterations or maintenance can cause injury or property damage. Read provided product instructions for correct installation and maintenance procedures. DO NOT attempt to open or refill disposable extinguisher units. DO NOT attempt to disassemble units. DO NOT IMMERSE EXTINGUISHER UNITS IN WATER OR OTHER CLEANING SOLUTIONS. THIS WILL RENDER UNITS INOPERABLE.

Self-Installation – Quick Guide

(no tools required)

Inspect all parts after unpacking and read instructions prior to assembly and installation

Step One

Thoroughly remove all grease and oil residue from inside mounting surface of range hood. Surface must be clean and dry.

Step Two

Using the paper measuring tape provided, determine the depth (inside rear of the range hood to inside front lip of range hood).

Step Three

Select two color coded springs which match the color coded tape measure distance. Insert selected springs into telescopic mounting tubes followed by a compression rod. Fully compress each rod assembly: slowly release the pressure, then measure each rod assembly to assure both are of equal length.

Step Four

Correctly position the dimpled mounting plate on the hoods inside rear edge. Be sure the vertical center line of plate aligns with center line of range burners. Mark position with a pencil.  Remove self adhesive from mounting plate (s) and firmly press into position on hood or mounting wall.

Step five.1

Firmly hold each telescopic mounting tube (with the extinguisher unit either High or LOW position) place assembly into range hood with ends of compression rods positioned on dimpled mounting plate. Compress mounting tubes until the tubes clear inside front edge of hood. Slowly release pressure. Complete assembly should remain firmly in position.

Step Six

Locate the two “O” rings on one of the telescopic mounting tubes. Carefully move each “O-ring either towards the front or rear of the hood to position Extinguisher Unit so the pivot point (metal screws) is approximately 3” to the rear center of front burner.  Slide “O” rings against Extinguisher frame to stabilize unit placement/

Repeat Steps

Download complete instruction Manual here:  Installation Manual